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Sensory Play

that's how babies and toddlers explore and investigate the world around them. It stimulates development of their brains, cognitive functions and memory.

Pretend Play

is a prerequisite for mental growth which includes development of language and social skills.

Bonding Feelings

playing with your baby builds strong attachment with each other. It is the first positive relationship with you that gives your baby feeling of security and value.

Fine Motor Skills

are the coordination between your child's small muscles and are of incredible importance for life in general and school activities.

Cognitive Development

covers huge area of baby's  and toddler's development literally from the birth - intelligence, language, memory, processing of information, etc.

Gross Motor Skills

its development involves the large muscles in arms, legs and torso. Running, jumping, balancing, playing with the balls, crawling provide the foundation for developing healthy bodies and minds.

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