Opening hours

maandag 9:00 - 14:00

dinsdag    9:00 - 14:00

woensdag t/ m zondag  10:00 - 17:00


Entrance fee

Baby till 12 months old                      FREE

children 1 - 7 years old          € 3,00 / child

Adult                                                  FREE


Kids registered for classes/ activities get to play in the playground for free before and after classes.  


Kindergarten / elementary school     

                                                € 1,50/ child

Rent of premises

We can rent the premises outside of business hours for your private or business event.

Price € 30,00/ per hour, maximum 50 guests.

Please contact us via email or phone.

Birthday Packages

Play Party                                   € 8,00
Fun Party                                    € 10,50
All-In Party                                  € 12,50

Additional information

  • Prices above are per person
  • Children are allowed in the KinderSpeelCafe only accompanied by adults (minimum age of 18 years old).
  • Children must be supervised by their parents/ guardians all the times when they stay in the playground.
  • Only children up to seven years old are allowed to play on the play structures. Children aged eight and older are welcome to read/ draw in the reading corner or enjoy snack at the table.
  • Playing is at own risk. Personnel and management of KinderSpeelCafe do not hold responsibility for damage and/ or injury caused during stay at the playground.
  • Please look after your valuables! KinderSpeelCafe staff is not responsible for the loss or theft of your valuables.
  • Drinks and food should be consumed only at the tables. Chewing gum, drinks and food are not allowed in the sand box, around the play structures and toys.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the KinderSpeelCafe.
  • Visitors must follow the instruction of the staff of KinderSpeelCafe at all the times.